Did you know that we currently have a selection of 26 tea blends that are either custom made for The Naked Leaf to our specifications or are blended in-house? 
Creating a new blend begins with an idea. This can be inspired from customer requests for a specific tea blend or from those looking for a specific or unique ingredient such as ginseng or ashwaganandha root. If there are enough requests for something specific, we begin to look at ways in which we may be able to incorporate that into a new blend.
Sometime we are inspired by blends that we have carried in the past, but feel that we can make them even better by having it custom blended to our own specifications.
Other times we are just looking for a new flavour that we currently do not carry or to expand on ingredients that are popular such as blends with peppermint, licorice or chamomile.
The Naked Leaf currently works with three different blenders. One in Canada, one in the US and one in India. Our current custom blends are:
- Lemon Ginger
- Grapefruit
- Jasmine Citrus Mint
- Winter Warmer
- Ginger Peach
- Cream Earl Grey Deluxe
- Earl Grey Lavender
- Earl Grey Smoked
- Maple Chai
- Smoked Maple
- Good Karma Pu-Erh
- Lemon Lavender
- Strawberry
- Ginger Geranium
- Licorice Kiss
- Cinnamon Blast
- Turmeric Spice
- Citrus Mint
- Chamomile Lavender
- Chamomile Lavender Mint
- Blueberry Rooibos
- Happy Day
- Flower Power
- Breathe Easy
- Winter Warmer
- Rose Earl Grey (A new formula to replace our current blend of the same name.)
- Ginseng Chai
- Asian Pear White Tea
- Cinnamon Blast (A new formula to replace our current blend of the same name.)