On Becoming a Social Enterprise

On Becoming a Social Enterprise

This past year, The Naked Leaf tea shop has been making a $1000 monthly charitable donation to a different organization that deals with youth or has a youth component. It was our way to say "Thank you!" to our customers that continued to support us during the pandemic, and as a way to give back to Calgary. 

You know what? It feels good!

WIth a lot of thought, our little tea shop in the heart of Kensington, is going to commit to giving back moving forward. To keep us on track, we have created a PURPOSE STATEMENT that will help us focus our commitment.

The Naked Leaf aims to build community, communication and inclusiveness through the comfort and ritual of tea.

While we continue our commitment to this year, we are already working on developing a new and more inclusive project for 2022.

STAY TUNED! It will be exciting.

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A Year of Charity

A Year of Charity

Thank you to everyone that supported local this year! Not just our shop, but to all of the small unique shops that make Calgary a great place to live. More than ever, your support made a huge difference. 

To thank you, our customers, for your wonderful support in 2020 of our small independent Calgary tea shop, we are pledging to donate $1000 a month to a different Calgary non-profit for a total of $12,000. (December will be a $2000 donation.) Each organization will have a mandate to support Calgary youth in some way. We are happy that we are able to give back to our community that has been so supportive to our shop!

February - Antyx Community Arts  www.antyx.org

March - Calgary Youth Justice Society  www.calgaryyouthjustice.ca

April - Skipping Stone  www.skippingstone.ca

May - Two Wheel View  www.twowheelview.org

June - Calgary Reads  www. calgaryreads.com

July - Stardale Women's Group

August - The Alex Youth Health Centre

September - Calgary Pride

October - Centre for Newcomers Gang Intervention

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We have been working for several months to create a new and exciting herbal infusion, and we have found the perfect blend! GINGER GERANIUM! It is both mildly floral with a zing of ginger. Additionally, we have added rosemary, lemon myrtle, fennel and more! It is going to be spectacular.

We are currently in the process of having it certified organic which will take approximately 1 more week, and then it will take a few weeks to get blended. We are hoping to have it in stock in the shop by the end of July.

This blend is seriously amazing both hot and cold! I have been testing it as a cold brew iced tea, and it is divine! We'll keep you posted as soon as it is available and on the shelf!

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