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Our annual best seller Sakura Cherry Blossom green tea is back in stock once again. Unlike a candy flavored cherry tea, this exquisite Japanese tea has only two ingredients! Green tea and the leaf of the cherry blossom. It is unlike any type of tea you have had and the taste is absolutely divine. The sencha tea leaf and the cherry blossom leaf are then coated with a small amount of matcha. This tea is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and is released only once a year during the Cherry Blossom Festival season. This tea is sold as 200g
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Panda Macrons and Cups

POP-UP SHOP - Sunday, April 9th from NOON until 4pm

Specialty Macrons made Exclusively for The Naked Leaf!

April 9
Noon to 4:00

We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a pop-up shop with Kent Lukey, the creative mind behind the macron cookies that we have been selling. As an exclusive for our shop, Kent has created these whimsical Panda Macron using our teas. The three flavors will be LOTUS Green Tea, JASMINE Green Tea and LYCHEE Black Tea. These will be sold in two different packages.
1. Your choice of a Panda Mug (6 colors to choose from) and one of each cookie. $18 
2. A box of 6 cookies, with two of each flavor. $15
Additionally, Kent will have his Spring line up of macron to choose from which include:
Mini Egg, Salted Caramel, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Birthday Cake and Cookie Dough. 
These flavors may be bought individually.
If you would like to reserve either set of the Panda cookies, please contact the shop at: 403-283-3555
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We have been searching for a long time to find a really great Grapefruit tea and we have succeeded. The tangy taste of the citrus is nicely balanced with a mild sweetness that makes this tea great any time if the day. This tea also makes an awesome iced tea and if you are adventurous, you could try a really wonderful summer cocktail...

  • 2 - Slices of grapefruit
  • 2 tablespoons - honey
  • 1- Slice apple
  • 35 ml Lemon Tea Vodka (Belvedere)
  • Iced Tea Grapefruit Tea
  1. Muddle grapefruit, honey & apple slice in shaker
  2. Add vodka, shake and strain into glass
  3. Fill with ice tea
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