Authentic Tetsubin Cast Iron Kettles and Silver Kettles

The Naked Leaf is thrilled to be able to offer authentic cast iron Tetsubin tea kettles. These kettles were custom ordered from Japan and made by true craftsmen. The orders took 5-9 months to complete. Unlike glazed cast iron teapots, these kettles are unglazed and meant to go directly on the stove-top to heat your water. By coming in direct contact with the iron, your water is infused with micro-minerals, giving your diet minerals that are hard to come by otherwise. The minerals also change the chemical make-up of the water, producing a richer fuller cup of tea....or coffee...or soup....

We are also very please to offer 990 grade Silver kettles. Like the tetsubin, these kettles are master craftsmen made in China and are simply exquisite and can go directly on the stove top. Unlike the cast-iron kettles however, these kettles can also be used to make and serve tea.


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