Kyusu Japanese Teapot - Tall Yohen - #428 - 300ml


Handmade in Tokoname, Japan by the Gyokko Kiln  

Built in ceramic filter.

The yohen colouring is achieved by burying the teapot in rice husks when it is fired. The exposed areas of the teapot fire to the classic vermillion colour while the parts of the teapot covered by the rice husks fire to a dignified black. 

These beautiful teapots are all made in Japan and are typically used for green tea. The smaller size of the pot allows you to pour out the entire infusion so that tea leaves can be easily re-infused numerous times. The side handle makes pouring easy and is also great for people with arthritis. Each pot contains an infuser to keep the leaves out of your cup! These are a great way to make your own tea ritual more personal.

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