Kyusu Japanese Teapot - Lacquered Handle - #M395 - 240ml


Handmade in Tokoname, Japan by Umehara Tatsuo, the third generation master of the Hokuryu Kiln.

Built in ceramic filter.

This teapot has some very unique features. The cut out gallery allows this teapot to dry faster when turn upside down. The handle on the teapot lid is also quite unique in that it has been coated in Japanese black urushi lacquer. Black lacquer is highly praised in Japan for its purity and simple elegance. 

These beautiful teapots are all made in Japan and are typically used for green tea. The smaller size of the pot allows you to pour out the entire infusion so that tea leaves can be easily re-infused numerous times. The side handle makes pouring easy and is also great for people with arthritis. Each pot contains an infuser to keep the leaves out of your cup! These are a great way to make your own tea ritual more personal.

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