Did you know that The Naked Leaf has 14 custom blended teas? The process of creating unique blends can be complex and very interesting.

It begins with coming up with a flavour profile...floral, minty, spicy, smokey, fruity or a combination. Once that has been established, I try to figure out what other notes will work to make a successful blend. These may include earthy, woodsy, grassy etc.

Now that the concept is clear, I work to figure out which ingredients will work well together and in which amounts so that all the flavors can contribute to the final taste. Getting the base tea or herb correct is the start. 

For example, mint is often paired with green tea, or is used as the main flavour of an herbal blend. It is rarely paired with a black tea however. If blending with a green tea, finding the correct base is the next step. Japanese teas for example tend to have a vegetal/seaweed taste that I don't find particularly appealing as a pairing, but a Chinese green that can be a bit brighter in flavor may be interesting. It can take a lot of hit and miss to find the right balance.

In addition to doing some blending directly in the shop, I work with three companies to assist with blending teas that I am unable to create myself. I may not have flavors or ingredients available to fulfill the blends that I am looking for. Our Maple Chai or Breathe EZ (pictured above) would be examples of that.

Our custom blends are some of our most popular teas in the shop and I hope that you will stop by and try them out. We are very proud of our custom blend offerings. Other favourites include Happy Day, Citrus Mint, Naked Blend and Cinnamon Blast. Keep a look out our for our newest custom blend STRAWBERRY which will have dried strawberries and raspberries, eucalyptus, lemongrass and more! Should be in the shop by the end of July!