TAIWAN - Yu Chi Hong Yun 70g

SKU: Yu Chi Hong Yun

Origin: TAIWAN

This SPECTACULAR tea was created in 2008 in Taiwan. The tea bush is a cross between the tea plant that is native to India and the bush that is native to China. The result is a very sturdy tree that can stand up to strong winds and requires less water. The infusion is very fragrant and flavourful. There is no bitterness and the leaves can be infused more than once. This tea is produced on small family farm owned by the Lees. It has been handed down for several generations, and while not certified organic, uses only clean and natural methods of tea production. If you already enjoy our Red Jade 18 black tea from Taiwan, then I highly recommend this tea. The price is slightly higher because so few farms produce this exquisite tea and the yearly production is rather small compared to other teas.


Water: 100C / 212F        Time: 3-4 minutes

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