Raw Pu-erh - Organic 2011 Nan Jian Raw

SKU: tangerine-stuffed-with-ripe-pu-erh

This classic "jin cha" or mushroom tuo is made entirely from Certified Organic raw pu-erh tea, harvested in the Wu Liang mountains from Spring 2011.

These fine mushroom shaped tuo were aged in the warm mist shrouded climate of Nan Jian and infuses a beautiful gold-orange tea. The taste is thick and sweet with little bitterness or astringency. The feeling in the mouth and throat is soothing and stays long after drinking.

This is an great level of quality in an organic tea at this price point. Highly recommended!!!

Origin: China
Water: 100C/212F
Time:45 seconds-1 minute
Good for multiple infusions.

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