Kyusu Japanese Teapot 250mL - #108


Hand-Made in Japan

This teapot was expertly handcrafted by master ceramicist Shoji Umehara, better known by his artistic name, Shōryū  (昭龍). His works are famous in Tokoname for their distinctive yuteki or “oil drop” finish, which he spent years perfecting. The oil drop pattern on the surface of Shoryu’s teapots is named after the thick, luxurious glazes of Chinese Song Dynasty Jian tea bowls ( or tenmoku as they are known in Japan). This glaze has been revered by tea lovers since the 1200s. How Shōryū achieves the oil drop finish is a carefully kept secret, but its beauty can be enjoyed by all.

These beautiful teapots are all made in Japan and are typically used for green tea. The smaller size of the pot allows you to pour out the entire infusion so that tea leaves can be easily re-infused numerous times. The side handle makes pouring easy and is also great for people with arthritis. Each pot contains an infuser to keep the leaves out of your cup! These are a great way to make your own tea ritual more personal.

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