Our Winter Blends are in stock! These seasonal blends make the holidays extra special!

WINTER GOLD - This golden tea is unlike anything you have seen before. Pieces of dried apples, beets and a variety of berries are covered in a gold decor. The gold washes off into your brew and produces a mesmerizing golden swirl, offering an almost magical effect. 

ORGANIC CINNAMON PLUM - Our annual favorite is back in stock. We have been carrying this blend for the past seven years every holiday season. This seasonal blend is rich with dried currants, tangy hibiscus, hints of plum and topped off with cinnamon and beautiful, sweet licorice root. Warm and soothing this blend is wonderfully fruity and full-bodied with a lush deep red infusion. Great on its own, or mixed with a bit of honey. For something different, mix sweetened Cinnamon Plum with warmed red wine for a great winter treat!