Did you know that The Naked leaf carries a line of eight Earl Grey teas? Earl Grey is a tea that has been blended with the Oil of Bergamot, a citrus fruit found in southern Italy, and is one of Canada's most popular teas. 

Our classic Earl Grey XS is a custom blend made specifically for our shop. Full bodied with a strong bergamot taste. Great on its own, or can take a splash of milk and sugar. Check out our full selection of Earl Grey teas:

Lady Grey - for those that like extra citrus notes.

Cream Earl Grey - our most popular, rich and creamy. Find out why our Cream Earl Grey stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Rose Earl Grey - a beautiful blend with the addition of rose and jasmine.

Earl Grey Lavender - the addition of lavender compliments the bergamot beautifully.

Russian Earl Grey - for those that like a smoky kick to their tea.

Earl Grey Green - absolutely wonderful!

Earl Grey Rooibos - caffeine free, this version is great in the evening.