The Naked Leaf is proud to support the Calgary arts scene. We are very fortunate and thrilled to be able to offer local talent on our tea tin labels. Each of these art tin lables are printed in limited editions, making each one a collectors item. When you purchase a tin of tea, you may choose which art from our current selection you would like to enjoy on your tin. FREE!

The Naked Leaf does an annual search near the beginning of each year asking for submissions of great art to use on our labels. We are interested in all media: photography, graphics, textile design, ceramics, sculpture, animation.

This year's search had our highest amount of submissions ever! We had over 100 artists submit a total of 500 images for consideration. While we normally print 100 labels of 30 different images, due to the terrific amount of submissions, The Naked Leaf chose to create 50 copies of 60 new labels for 2022. This way we were able to give more artists a chance to be featured.

We hope that you will stop by and see which artists are currently being featured!